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Feb 27 '13

Seriously though Carmelita could walk around in fucking lingerie for all i care, what really matters is how they handle her character and they handled her character fine.

people getting mad because shes in a little skirt like frick u people can wear little skirts if they want it doesn’t make her dumber or less important she’s still just as carmelita as she ever was so shut up already

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    Can we try to remain friendly on this tag and let others have their own opinions, please?
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    Kinda reminds me of the heated arguement on the Brony side of life on the topic of Alicorn Twilight. Like….she’s still...
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    ((I just don’t like it because I liked her jeans so much better :[ Plus I’ve never been one for short skirts, she’s...
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    I agree completley. Ladies. Gentlemen. CircleButton Mod. Heed my words. Mini-skirts are okay, but tight pants are too....
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